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Medal Tests

Whether you are new to dancing, new to Glitterball Dance Company or have been dancing for years, this is a great opportunity for everyone of all ages.


It allows you to gain recognition for your dancing, receive certified documents from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing to show your level, and give a real sense of achievement.


It is an enjoyable experience for you with you dancing and gives you a sense of purpose and direction in your hardwork!  


Take a look at our FAQ's below to find out more: 


What happens at a Medal Test?

You attend The Space Hub at your allocated time, where you will meet you Glitterball teacher. You can change and get ready , and then you will go through to the studio where you will dance your dance/s for the ISTD examiner. They will fill in a 'report form' which is a general overview of your dancing matched with the level you have entered. You will receive the report form shortly after the session (usually around 1-2 weeks) and then followed by a certificate and medal.

What do I wear?

You can wear anything you are comfortable in and can dance easily in. We suggest clothing that will make it easy for your examiner to see your footwork, and ideally suede soled dance shoes. If you own practice wear or competition dress you may also wear that.

Should I be nervous?

No, not at all! The examiners are all lovely, and want to see you succeed in dancing. We have entered exams for over 20 years, and will ensure you are fully prepared in all aspects before the day, so it is a lovely experience for everyone.



Ask your teacher to put you on the entry list:

  • If it's your first ISTD exam, we will need your full name and DOB

  • If you've done this before, we just need your last level and PIN number (both can be found on your last certificate)

Your teacher will work on your dances in lessons/classes, making sure you know everything you need to for your level.

You will be sent a payment form, and then your medal will be booked for 28th April!

Just DANCE!!  





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